Registration opens February 15, 2023!


February 15, 2023 will be the official opening day for registration; however, forms may be mailed in at any time. Registrations can be submitted by surface mail or email the registration form in .pdf or Word format along with payment confirmation from PayPal. Any forms received or postmarked on or before February 15, 2023, will be considered as postmarked on February 15, 2023, for the purpose of assigning classes.

There is also an on-line registration form available. Any on-line registration must be paid for either via PayPal within the next three business days or with a check mailed with a postmarked date no later than three business days after the registration was submitted. If the payment is not received within the 3-day time frame, the registration will be canceled and only reinstated after the payment is received and with the payment date used as the registration date for the purposes of assigning classes. Registrations made online on or before February 15 will be considered as registering by that day as long as the payment has been received on time (see above). Registration is $185 for members and $220 for non-members. Mini-registration fee is $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

I.O.L.I. members are given preference over non-members. Non-I.O.L.I. members have the option to join I.O.L.I. for a $30 membership fee (for electronic versions of the Bulletin) prior to registration and then paying the member registration fee. Membership forms are on the website at

Class fees are $360 for 24 hour classes, $180 for all 12-hour classes, and $90 for 6-hour classes. A minimum of two class choices must be listed for each chosen time slot. If no second choice is listed and your single choice is filled, you may have to choose a different option based on availability. Acceptable payment options are checks or money order made payable to I.O.L.I. or PayPal. When using PayPal, proof of PayPal payment must accompany your registration. I.O.L.I. members are given preference over non-members in class assignments.

A Mini-Registration ($25 for members and $30 for non-members) gives access to all sponsored activities including the Sales Room and the Display Room for any one day of the Convention. Class fees and Convention meals are additional and not included in the Mini-Registration fee. Mini-Registration is required for those taking only a one-day or 6-hour class on Sunday or Wednesday. Mini-Registration is not necessary for these classes if a Full Registration fee is paid.


Fees for registration and classes canceled prior to May 1, 2023 will be refunded MINUS $50 administration fee. After May 1, 2023, a refund MINUS $100 will be given OR the individual may find a substitute to assume the seat in the class of the original registrant. Any registration that is canceled after June 10, 2023, will only be refunded at the discretion of the Convention Committee.

Filling Out the Registration Form

When filling out the paper registration form, please include your I.O.L.I. membership ID and expiration date (they are on your Bulletin above your address). If you want your name (with your city, state, and country only) listed in the Convention Handbook, you MUST check the box. To meet the EU privacy policy, we require people to opt-in to the sharing of their private information.

Most of the classes are 12-hour classes taught either in the morning or afternoon for three hours each day – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There is also one all-day class (24 hours) taught at the same time as the 12 hour classes. There are two pre-Convention 6-hour classes being taught on the Sunday before the Convention starts and optional 6-hour classes being taught on Wednesday.

If you didn’t register for the 2022 convention, the form is going to look very different for listing your class choices. Please see the article on the page How to Get the Class You Want, or How to Fill Out Your Convention Classes, which explains this change and how to work with it in more detail. Please read this article before you fill out the classes on your form.

On the form, first select the class time slots you wish to sign up for. If you want to take both a morning and an afternoon class, please pick Full Day and put in the amount for both sessions. If you only want to take a class in the morning or only take a class in the afternoon, please pick ½ day and put in the cost for one half day class. Add the Wednesday and/or Sunday classes only if you want classes on those days. The total cost of the classes should go on the total line and be added to the summary of costs on the right half of the form.

The table for your class choices is now one single list for you to put all your choices. Please list all your class choices in order of preference in this list. By all, we mean all the classes you are interested in, including the Wednesday and Sunday classes. If there is a Wednesday class that is more interesting to you than any of the 12 hour courses, it should be the first class on your list so that it will be given the highest priority for you. PLEASE list at LEAST 3 choices for each time slot that you plan to take a class for. For example, if you want to take 24 hours of classes, list a minimum of either 3 all day classes or 3 am classes AND 3 pm classes. It can be a mixture of all day, am, and pm classes but it would be good to have at least three choices for each time slot. The same is true for Wednesday classes.

More Notes on Class Registration from Teri Lindstrom, IOLI Convention Registrar

Over the last two Conventions, I have been trying to improve the methods for assigning registrants to their classes especially for those who sign up on the first day of registration. Invariably, there are some very popular classes and we have tried to be as unbiased and fair as possible. There are also people who really prefer to be with just one teacher and others who really want a particular class more than all the other classes. To help with this, we are ‘offering’ all day versions of classes where the teachers are happy to have students work on a project all day in their classes. These ‘bundled’ classes, AM-PM Bundles, are listed with the 12-hour classes with a class number, FD5xx6yy where the 5xx is the 12-hour am class, A5xx, and 6yy is the 12-hour pm class, P6yy.

For the 2022 Convention, with a lot of help from Julie Enevoldsen (our Google Administrator), the method of assigning everyone to classes was automated but with some issues. However, in creating the system we were trying to look forward to a long-term goal of hopefully allowing people to give ALL their preferences and using their preferences to hopefully assign them to the classes they wanted the most.

This Convention, I am redoing the way that you choose your classes so that hopefully all your preferences will be listed in a way that won’t be as confusing. However, as it is a big change, I’m sure it will be confusing. Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you fill out the form with your class choices.


The registration form (paper or electronic) has a section for entering your class preferences.

First, check all the time slots you wish to take a class in. Choose if you want 12 hours of instruction or 24 hours for the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday classes. If you plan to take a Sunday and/or Wednesday class, select those (if only planning to take the half day Wed. class, pick that over the all-day class) as well. The Intro class is the pre-Convention class, Introduction to Bobbin Lace (S/S100) and should only be added by new lacemakers who are planning to take this class.

Next, enter all the classes that you would like to take, in the order of your preferences. This includes the 12-hour classes, the Sunday/Wednesday classes, and the all day and bundled classes (see below). People planning to take the Intro class, should list it first and only add other classes if they are staying for the Convention itself. On the paper form, write in the class ids in the blanks labeled 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.

On the electronic form, choose classes from the dropdown lists labeled 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.

Enter all your choices in one list, in the order of your preferences, regardless of time slot (AM, PM, etc.). For example, if you want PM601 more than AM501, then enter PM601 before AM501. (Note: This is different from the way it worked in previous years.)

You may, and are encouraged to, enter multiple choices for each time slot (AM, PM, etc.) in which you want classes. You can enter any number of choices per time slot. If you do not get your top choice class for that time slot, you may get one of your next choices for that same time slot. For example, here is a list with multiple choices per time slot: FD502601, PM603, AM502, AM501, PM601, AM503, PM602, W701.

It may be easier for you to work out your ranked choices on scratch paper before you start filling out the form.

If you have equal preferences for two classes, you must choose an order of preference.

Extra Options

Several extras are available for purchase: a Convention bag, a Convention pin, and a disposable pillow made of builders’ foam. There are also TV trays for rent. You might want to bring a cover cloth or fabric to cover the disposable pillow.

Meal Information

There will be a Sunday night meal as well as the Thursday night banquet – both included in the registration. Additional meals can be purchased for guests for $44-$56 depending on the main course choice. There is also an optional Wednesday Night Box Dinner available for $29 if desired.