AD100 - Chantilly and Blonde (Ulrike Voelcker) | CLASS FULL


W001 - Understanding the Work Order in Russian Lace Grounds/Fillings (Helena Fransens)

W002 - Make Lovely Flowers with 2 Pairs (Ulrike Voelcker) | CLASS FULL

W003 - Beginnings and Endings (Jean Leader) | CLASS FULL

W004 - Tatted Beaded Amulet (Patti Duff)

W005 - Dorset Buttons (Sylvia Fellows)

W006 - Crochet Lace (Susan Lowman)

W007 - Introduction to Cantù (Betty Manfre)

W010 - Think “Outside” the Box (Elizabeth Peterson) | CLASS FULL

W011 - Romanian Point Lace (Karen Bovard Sayre)

W012 - Deciphering Estonian Stitches (Kelli Slack)

W013 - Fundamental Skills in Bobbin Lace (Holly Van Sciver)

W014 - Star Spider Earrings and Pendant (Susan Wenzel)  | Class Cancelled

W015 - Frisado de Valladolid Needle Lace for Beginners (Carolyn Wetzel) | CLASS FULL


SU101 - Introduction to Bobbin Lace (Kathy Kauffmann)

SU100 - Mastering the Bolster Pillow (Allie Marguccio)