We can all hope that by the time of Convention, COVID will be a thing of the past. However, since we can’t guarantee this, I.O.L.I. has set up this protocol for their in-person events. Please read it and realize that it may change as time goes on to stay within the CDC guidelines. By sending in your registration, you are agreeing to follow those protocols and signing a liability waiver for I.O.L.I. All guests and the public attending the open rooms will also be required to meet the guidelines. Additionally, each teacher has indicated her requirements to attend her class. Please review these requirements before registering for class.

COVID-19 Protocol for the Nugget: The state of Nevada has rescinded the mask mandate. While the Nugget is no longer requiring face masks for guests, please check the I.O.L.I. policy and teacher requirements for the class(es) you are attending.